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Do you know how well your business website is performing?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of presenting your website to the search engines in such a way as to make sure that the individual pages rank well in the search results for relevant terms namely your products and services. Chances are that your site will rank well for your company name (if it does not then this needs fixing) as this will be a relatively low competition term. But what about all the terms that people search for if they don’t know your business name?

Did you know that the company at the top of the organic search will get approx. 40% of the clicks! If you are not on page 1 then unfortunately it is likely that you will not get much traffic (or enquiries).

Cambridge SEO Agency services  – is for Cambridge based businesses.

We provide our SEO agency services to clients in Cambridge and the surrounding area. We focus on getting good results that actually generate more business. We are not here to get you ranking for meaningless terms like so many of our competitors. We work with our clients to understand what really matters to your business and translate this into an achievable online SEO strategy.

We Achieve Results – You Make More Sales!

We Specialise in SEO for Businesses

SEO, Web Promotion and Conversion Optimisation are what we do – our aim is to do this well and we are not trying to get you to invest in a new website. If you do need one, then we can assist you with that process.

We can usually tell from our initial audit how well your site will perform and whether it has potential to go to page one!

Your Cambridge SEO Consultant

We are happy to work with you in different ways:

  • We can provide you with a detailed report for you to act on
  • We can complete all the required SEO work from start to finish
  • We can liaise with your web design team and work with them to optimise your site.
  • We can act as your web/seo consultant when talking to third party web designers.

It really depends on what works best for you. We are more than happy to attend and present to management and senior staff.

SEO Audit

The process starts with an SEO Audit

Free Website SEO Audit for Cambridge Businesses

Request a free Website SEO Audit and an initial consultation for businesses in and around Cambridge.

You will find out for Free

  • how visible your business is in the web
  • what the search volume is for your main product or service
  • who your real competitors are online and what they are doing
  • any search terms that would be candidates for promotion
  • what are the main things that need addressing to move forwards

Yes and all for Free!

Give us a call on 01767 654 878 to arrange your free SEO Cambridge audit and consultation. Find out how our Cambridge SEO Agency services can help your business to the top of Google.