Choosing Your AdWords PPC Manager In Cambridgeshire

AdWords PPC ManagementAt some point you will probably need some support with your AdWords campaigns.

This can be triggered by a number of scenarios:-

  1. You are about to start a new marketing campaign and need someone to do it for you.
  2. You have been running AdWords for a while but getting poor results.
  3. You have been running  successful AdWords campaigns but can’t spare the time to continue doing so.

So what should you look for in an AdWords Manager?


Location is not really so much of an issue these days but using someone based in Cambridge or Cambridgeshire will provide you with certain advantages. You will be able to call them to a meeting face-to-face to discuss your requirements. For accounts where it is necessary to provide strategic support face to face meetings do work the best. For ongoing management campaigns that perhaps are an extension of existing PPC campaigns it is possible to make do with Skype or Webex.


This is an easy one – the best and safest route is to look for a certified Google Partner – this ensures that they have the basic knowledge to manage and improve your account. You should really question any company that offers PPC management but does not have Google Partner status. This is because the certification exams should not be difficult for a proficient AdWords manager and there are no entry costs. Google Partner status is not a get and forget achievement as Google constantly monitors the performance of the managed AdWords accounts to ensure that best practice is being employed.

Track Record

You have to know that the Cambridge based account manager has the experience to achieve your AdWords goals. Look for case studies and examples of previous work. It is important that your account is managed by someone with experience of your specific requirements e.g. products, services, search marketing, display marketing, remarketing, brand awareness etc. etc..

Staying Power

Be sure to select a PPC expert who will continue to deliver real improvements over time and offer you advice and suggestions on how to increase your marketing effectiveness.


I have put this at the end on purpose. Obviously cost is important but AdWords management costs should be considered within the ROI equation. It is all to easy to look at the management fee in isolation. But you need to consider the work that the AdWords brings in and what that is worth to your business. Typically agencies will charge up to 10% of the AdWords budget as a management fee. This is fine if the campaign can support this. The trouble is that the effort required to manage a small £400/month campaign is sometimes similar to that of a £10,000/month campaign. Your AdWords management team need to provide visibility of how the costs are calculated.


Of course if you want someone who meets these requirements in full – then look no further 🙂

Why not contact us to discuss your AdWords Management requirements.