The Google Display network includes a number of Google properties such as Blogger and YouTube as well as partner sites and mobile sites which have chosen to show AdWords ads on specific pages of their website. Ads can also be shown on mobile websites and apps.

Google Display Network advertising is especially good for building brand awareness and product awareness as advertisements are shown on pages with related content.

Display Network advertising is passive insomuch that advertisements are shown alongside related content being viewed by someone. They were not specifically searching for information but rather consuming information.  Then as they are browsing the page the advertisements are shown.

Advertisers can choose where their advertisements will be displayed and to the type of audience. Display Network advertisements can be text, image, video or rich media formats which gives them a lot of creative scope.

Matching of advertisements to placements in the Display Network can be done by contextual targeting, managed placements or by targeting specific groups of people. The latter includes remarketing which is a powerful technique of reaching people who have already shown an interest in your product or service.

Contextual Targeting

This is Google AdWords finds places across the display networks that are a match to your keywords.


Managed Placements

This is where the advertiser specifies where he would like to show the advertisements. It is possible to select down to specific web pages, mobile websites, apps and RSS feeds.


Display network advertising is a very powerful mechanism for getting your ads in front of very related users.

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