Google SearchAdWords Search Network advertising (paid advertising) is one element of the AdWords paid promotion system. It is used to target online searchers by showing ads on the search engine results page. AdWords search campaigns, typically the ads are shown at the top and to the right of the organic search results. The advertiser pays each time someone clicks on one of their advertisements.

Search advertising is an extremely powerful way of promoting products and services. This is because ads are being shown to people who have specifically searched for related information.

In general terms the advertiser can determine at which position his ads are shown by specifying a maximum cost per click MCPC that he is willing to pay. His ads then get placed according to this amount. There are however other influencing factors. Google uses a quality score to give a relative measure for each keyword based on click through rate CTR, landing page quality and ad relevance. The overall quality score is used to factor the strength of the bid. So it is very likely that an advertiser with a good quality score will actually pay less per click than someone with a poor quality score.

It is very important to structure the AdWords PPC campaigns correctly so that related keywords are grouped together in AdGroups.. So an AdGroup will contain a set of very related keywords and a number of Ads tightly related to the keywords.

Search Network Ads come in a number of different formats which can be used to suit your specific requirements.

Text Ads – these are the basic form of search network advertisements.

Ads with Extensions – these can be used to ‘enhance’ the basic text ads by providing extra information like phone numbers, seller ratings, site links etc..

Product Listing Ads – AKA Google Shopping Ads. these provide product listings supplied from an advertisers feed.

Image and Video Ads – it is possible to show image ads or video advertisements on search partners websites.

AdWords Paid Promotion through AdWords search campaigns is a really effective way of promoting your products or services to a targeted audience.

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