Google Shopping (Google Product Ads) is a really powerful way of getting your products in front of searchers.

We have extensive knowledge of running and optimising Google Shopping campaigns (Google Product Listings) on the search network.


Product listing advertisements are driven by a ‘product feed’ (not keywords). The AdWords product feed contains specific details of your products in a consistent format (across all feeds). It is uploaded by the advertiser to the Merchant Center account where it is processed by the AdWords system. once this has been done the product listing ads can be managed within AdWords using Shopping Campaigns.

It is possible to organise groups of products and adjust the maximum cost per click for each group.  But the advertiser has no control over the format of the listing. This is fixed by Google.

Google matches products from all the competing listings to searches and then shows the most relevant results organised by max cost per click.

When managed correctly, Google Shopping Ads (or Google product ads) are a really powerful way of getting your products in front of prospective customers.

We find that they really work well to assist conversions when combined with standard search campaigns.


We can assist you with everything from producing the initial shopping feed right through to running the ads within AdWords and monitoring/reporting performance.


Why not contact us to discuss how our AdWords agency can help you sell more products using Google Shopping Ads.