SEO for Local SearchThe Name Is On The Can! – Local Search

Google and other search engines modify the search results to reflect the location of the searcher and/or the location implied by the search query.

So there are two basic scenarios:-

I search for Family Solicitor in Cambridge – Irrespective of where I am when I make the search Google will recognise the implied location from the search query and offer results based on the Cambridge location.

I search for Family Solicitor – Google will attempt to determine my geographic location from my IP address or, if on a mobile and signed in to any Google aps the location history and serve results based on the location. See this post if you want to get scared about how much they know about your location!

Okay I get that But So What

Well if you look at the image of a search for ‘dentist Cambridge‘ you will see some important local modifications.

Local Search Result

Local Search Result

At the top (Orange) and to the right we have the paid results – these are targeted for Cambridge but this has been standard for AdWords PPC for ages.

In Red we see Modified Organic search results – these are filtered to give results for Cambridge. This is important as it is far easier for a Cambridge Dentist to rank at the top organically now that the results are filtered on location.

Then in Blue we have the local search ‘pack’. These are local search results which link into the Google+ business listing (on the map). Obviously these are modified for location.

Yes but what does this mean to me?

Well if you are a local business serving customers in the local area then imagine what a difference it would make if your website listing was in the Red Modified Organic and in the Blue Local search.

Every time someone searched for your product or service you would be the one that gets noticed.

This is what we do – Local Search Promotion makes sure you get noticed for local searches. Give me a call on 01767 654878 to discuss your requirements today.