If Citations are the Lifeblood of Local Search

then Reviews are the voice of Local Search

It is an unfortunate fact that online reviews are and will become more and more important as Local Search evolves. What someone else says about our product or service certainly has an impact on how willing others will be to use you.

Don't Be Frightened of Reviews - Unless You Have Something To Hide!

Many clients and prospects are really reluctant to allow people to voice an opinion about their experience with the company or product. They always fear that they will get a negative review which will cause all sorts of problems.

The reality is quite different in MOST cases. If your service and product are good then you should have no problems. If either are below par then you should fix the problems. Why would you want to do anything else?

Most of the problems occur during the initial stages when there are few reviews. If you get a bad one - just because something went wrong then deal with it and move on and get more good ones. If on average you have a lot more good ones than bad reviews then people will take a balanced view.

It is different/difficult for certain businesses

Restaurants, hotels, pubs etc. often find it difficult because people are more likely to write a review if they had a poor experience. Those who found it OK generally will be less inclined to leave a review. There are so many things that can influence the outcome that it becomes a constant worry. However, if as a business you strive for excellence and manage you customers well then you can get huge benefit from reviews.

Why Should We Bother

Reviews matter as they influence our decisions online. This can either be by us reading reviews before we make a decision to purchase or by just clicking on the search result that has the 5 stars.

We can help you through the process of setting things up to get reviews and how best to use them online to drive traffic to your business. 

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