As a UK business owner it is highly likely that you or someone in your company have had some experience of Google Ads (formerly AdWords) PPC advertising.

The fact is that many businesses are just unaware of the extensive capabilities of the Google Ads system, and it is also true that many users do not know how to manage their campaigns effectively to ensure a real return from their investment. It is therefore a sad consequence that many businesses just give up with PPC having lost money.
Watch the following AdWords introductory video from Google if you need a refresher.

AdWords PPC Management

If managed correctly AdWords should not result in surprise losses. However you have to really decide on what you are aiming to achieve from your Google Ads campaign before you spend anything.

Why use Pay Per Click Advertising?

Unlike SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is near instantaneous – you set up your campaigns, fund the account and traffic can start to flow as soon as the ads. are approved. The whole process can take less than a few hours. So it is ideal if you want to push a product or offer NOW. When campaigns are managed correctly they can be self funding, generating enough business to cover the costs. So if you need more sales you just switch on the campaigns and pull in some more business. If you are overrun with business just switch the campaigns off. Many clients run PPC in conjunction with SEO even when they rank well, because it increases their exposure on-line.

How Much Does PPC Cost?

With Pay Per Click (PPC) you pay for each click through to your site. The amount you pay varies depending on the competitiveness of the keyword phrase you are targeting. However we can give you a good estimate of the cost per click before you start. With PPC you can set a daily budget for your click costs so you know how much you campaign will cost.

Of course we charge a management fee on top of the click costs. However it is a fixed fee based on the number of campaigns irrespective of their inclusive budgets.

We Provide You With a Complete Google Ads Agency Service

We are UK certified Google Partners which means that we have proved to Google that as an agency, our consultants have the required skills and expertise to manage all aspects of Google Ads services and can provide the required PPC consultancy to any UK company.

As a consultancy we will work with you to set-up and run your campaigns to meet the marketing objectives of your company. Our Google Ads PPC Agency service will help you get the best from your marketing budget.

Decide on Your PPC Objectives Before You Start

This is a crucial part of the process - you have to decide on what you want to achieve before you start spending money. Clear company marketing objectives make decision making easier throughout the ongoing process. Your dedicated agency consultant will provide you with the required advice and input to help you refine your marketing objectives.

Typically you can use Google Ads to:-

  • Build Brand/Product Awareness
  • Sell more products or attract customers for services

There are obviously plenty of variations - however, these will be used here to just identify the sort of marketing strategy behind the campaign.

Brand Awareness Campaigns

This type of campaign is usually run to a fixed marketing budget to increase visibility/knowledge of a brand/company or new product. Typically we would use a combination of display network and search network advertising and drive traffic to either the home page or a specific company landing page. The objective would be to achieve a certain number of impressions across the channels for related searches or content. The effectiveness is difficult to measure directly however it can be implied by an increase in organic traffic for brand related searches.

Product Awareness Campaign

This is similar to brand awareness but traffic is driven to a product page or specific landing page.  Campaign effectiveness  should be measured by the increase on organic traffic and possibly product sales however this will really depend on the type of product and market. This is generally run to a fixed marketing budget any product sales are a bonus.

Product Sales Campaign

These campaigns should ultimately be self funding from the profit margin. We drive traffic to the product page from search network ads and possibly Google shopping ads and following an initial optimisation the campaign should be self funding.  These campaigns require close agency management to ensure that they stay within the required cost per acquisition figure but once they are proven to work can be safely funded from an 'infinite' budget knowing that they generate revenue.

Customer Attraction Campaigns

These are run in a very similar way to product sales campaigns. Traffic is driven to  a dedicated landing page focused on a specific service with a clear trackable call to action(s). Armed with an allowable cost per acquisition figure we can monitor performance and optimise campaigns to stay on the right 'side of the curve'. These campaigns work really well for Solicitors, Accountants, Dentists etc.

Ongoing AdWords Campaign Management

There is no way round this - Google Ads  PPC campaigns all need ongoing management on at least a weekly basis - there is no set and forget. It is important for the manager to monitor and record the vital stats on a weekly basis and review in detail on at least a monthly basis. Tracking results over time allows you to see when conversion rates are starting to drop and correlate these with CTR and click costs and to take corrective action.