3D LipoNu: U Body are a new local business based in Cambridge.

They specialise in Inch Loss, Fat Reduction and skin tightening using the non-invasive 3D Lipo treatment.

As a new company and domain name they obviously stand at a distinct disadvantage (in Google’s eyes) and were not to be found in the search results.

They have a fair following on social media – but were not really using it to best advantage.


Our task is to get Nu:U Body to rank on top of page 1 for local search phrases Inch Loss Cambridge, Fat Reduction Cambridge, Skin Tightening Cambridge and 3D Lipo Cambridge.

Work started on 5th October 2015.

Why not take a look at Nu:U Body on Facebook and the Nu:U Body page on Yelp and see what fantastic work they are doing to help people reduce weight and feel better about themselves.