What is an Expert SEO Consultant?

Search Engine Optimisation consultant is someone who understands the intricacies of the online world from the perspective of the search engines (Google, BING, Yahoo etc.). More importantly they can identify how to get you the most out of your business website. The organic search environment is evolving at a dramatic rate and it is therefore vitally important that business make every effort to maintain an optimum online presence.

UK based Professional SEO Company

We offer cost effective professional SEO agency services, at affordable prices, which ensure that your website stays search engine friendly and that you see an increasing return from your online investment.

Why you need Expert Search Consulting services

Your business/company website and indeed your presence online are a key part of your marketing/sales funnel so you must look after it!

Many business or company owners invest vast amounts of money on shiny new websites thinking that this will be enough to improve their fortunes online. Sadly they often learn that Shiny Website does not necessarily equate to Increased Business.

Fact – Web design companies do NOT generally understand SEO – yes they include a bit of text about Search Engine Optimisation on their website but the reality is that it is all words and no real substance.  I often get asked to vet design companies to see whether they really understand how important good search optimisation is to a business website. PS – don’t think that just because they charge a lot they will produce a search friendly website.

In many instances you may just want someone to cast a professional second eye over the work your design agency is doing for you. This may be a new website or just some amendments to your existing site. We can be your Freelance SEO Expert/SEO Consultant and we can white-label our service and act as if we are employed by you, if you so require.

We often work for clients providing a vital Search Engine Optimisation input to the design of a new site. We liaise with the design team (either an in house designer or external company) and make sure that the structure and content of the proposed site is properly optimised for the search engines.

Your Consulting Search Specialist

We provide a comprehensive range of SEO Consulting services –

Technical SEO/Web Audits

We  provide Technical SEO/web consultancy for UK based clients who want to understand where their website sits in the online world – this typically is the starting point which follows on from an initial free consultation.

There are a number of reasons/histories associated with this:-

  • Often they have neglected their website because it didn’t do anything for the business.
  • Frequently they have been quoted extortionate prices for a new site which has put them off the idea of getting anything from the ‘web’.
  • All to often they have been paying for SEO services but see little or no real benefit.
  • Or perhaps they have invested in a new site but have failed to see the promised top rankings and business improvements.

Our search expert will assess where your site currently is, who your online competitors are and identify areas for improvement.  Unlike many of our competitors – we are not trying to sell you a new website, we are quite happy to work with the existing one to get as much out of it as possible for your business.

Search Engine Optimisation/Online Strategy Development

Once you know where you are online it is important to discuss and formulate where you want to be and how best to get there. This is a vital stage in the process which is often ignored. We usually meet with the client and get to understand their business objectives and then see how they they need to evolve their online presence to suit. This is often an enlightening consulting experience for all involved which forms the basis for the resulting SEO Strategy.

Ongoing Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Key to any Search Optimisation effort is the ongoing monitoring of website performance data. We are fully proficient in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and can set up all the tracking we need to monitor your website performance and user journeys. An experienced consultant will be immersed in this data and provide you with meaningful performance analysis against  agreed objectives.  You will see where the traffic is coming from, where it goes, who does what and when; which products or services get the most traffic and which pages convert the best. This allows you to make informed business decisions and monitor their impact on your business.

Hire your Web Promotion Specialist

Hiring a specialist Web Promotion expert is an easy way of finding out where you are online and what the options are for moving things forwards. It is not very often that we fail to find something that needs fixing that will provide you with an online boost.

We work with clients throughout the UK (London, Chester, Ipswich, Northampton, Birmingham, Exeter, Cambridge, Peterborough  and Bedford) and a few international clients who operate in the UK.

Talk to us today for free about using a freelance Search consultant for your business, call us now on 01767 654878 to find out more.

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