What Do You Need To Rank Your Business On Google?

Which SEO Services will provide your business with the best ROI?

There are basically two main focuses for SEO services – On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Both of these areas play a major part in the resulting performance of your business website. The required balance between off page and on page will depend on many factors.

However, SEO is a complex topic with many very interrelated elements (signals) all of which can influence how well your site performs in the search results. The very nature of the web means that sites/web pages are connected by links (either from another site or from the same site); these links in turn influence the performance of the sites/pages they connect. This results in a huge variability when comparing sites within the same market sector.

Don’t Go For Fixed SEO Packages – One Size Does NOT Fit All!

The SEO requirements of your businesses site will not be the same as those for your competition . Its a complex topic! Look for custom professional SEO agency packages tailored for your particular needs. From a search perspective, every company will have its own set of unique opportunities. Look for a Professional freelance SEO Consultant who will ‘cut the cloth to suit your business needs‘.

It Has To Start With Research and Planning

Many other SEO companies spend little or no time on appropriate Research and Planning of the SEO campaign. This provides me with a huge competitive advantage over my competition as I am able to identify the best opportunities for my clients and create an SEO strategy and plan to achieve them!

It Has To Include Performance Monitoring and Reporting

The objective of any SEO campaign isn’t just to rank number 1 for a specific keyword phrase. It’s about ROI, so it needs to involve business generation through sales or contacts. It is therefore essential to be able to measure and report performance over time. This is good from the business owners point-of-view – as he can see what he is getting from his SEO investment. It is also essential for the professional SEO consultant as we can see the worth of our efforts in real terms. This in turn allows us to refine or expand our offering to the client.

SEO Services Should Be Self Funding

When we get everything right and have started to achieve our goals then the traffic will start to flow and bring with it an increase in business which in turn provides ample funds to cover the Professional SEO services.