Page Rank Is Dead Or Is It?

We all know that page rank is dead. Or at least that is what we have all been told.

But the truth of the matter is that we don’t really know – sure Google has stopped updating page rank but that does not mean that they have stopped using it!

Domain AuthorityThe thing is that although page rank is no longer displayed publicly by Google it probably still exists – after all it is the juice that made it all work!

More recently we have started to talk in terms of Domain Authority DA and Page Authority PA and trust. But the truth is that these are not Google parameters they are just things dreamed up to look like what we think Google might be using to rank our pages! They are not in any way substantiated by Google.

It is fair to say that as parameters they (DA and PA) do give us a good way of ranking pages. However, remember that a significant part of both DA and PA are links. Then look at what Moz actually shows as links to a site compared to Ahrefs and Majestic. Moz is sometimes way behind Ahrefs so it therefore follows that the values of DA and PA must be wrong.

So as a search consultant I don’t get too fixed on DA and PA – I use them as an indicator. Just keep on doing the important things like adding good quality content and you will naturally improve your DA and PA and most importantly your Page Rank or whatever Google uses in the background!