We offer a full range of professional SEO services for businesses to help you get maximum benefit from your Web presence.

From the initial free SEO Audit through to monthly ongoing search engine promotions we will work with you to get the most out of your website.

We work with you and provide a mutually beneficial and transparent service. This is the reason why most of our business clients have been with us for years. 

SEO for Small Business

SEO Services For Businesses Big and Small

Our freelance SEO consultant services for businesses are tailor made to suit your business requirements. SEO in our book is not just getting your website to rank well for a given set of keywords. It is about maximising traffic that ultimately converts to improve your 'bottom line'.

SEO is not just for big businesses - Small Business SEO is very effective

Many small businesses think that proper SEO is outside their budget. This really isn't true in most cases as the costs are proportional to the revenue you get from additional sale or client.

We look at the traffic potential of any business we are contemplating working for and build a strong business case for moving forwards. This is based on the traffic potential and the average revenue per sale. We then devise an SEO strategy to achieve the required traffic results. WE also work with you to ensure that the increase in traffic equates to an increase in enquiries.

We find that it is best to communicate with clients on a regular basis. We like to keep you informed of what we are doing, why we are doing it and how your business is performing on-line. SEO/P is a highly involved process which has to be married to your business requirements. It is therefore important that we draw on your expertise about your marketplace and combine it with our knowledge of SEO/P when we formulate a promotion strategy.

Many clients start off with little or no understanding of SEO or on-line promotion but as they come to realise the importance of their web presence to business performance they soon start to learn the basics.

These are some of the SEO services we provide to our clients:-

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is the cornerstone of your on-line presence. You/we need to understand which:-

  • keyword phrases currently drive traffic to your site,
  • which keywords you should target to get more traffic,
  • which keywords your competition are targeting,

We do this by using a number of different sources. The combined result provides a great data set to prioritise the SEO/P activities.

SEO Strategy Development

Formulating and implementing the right SEO/P strategy is critical for achieving both short term and long term on-line goals.

Good SEO strategy development can only be achieved with a full understanding of your market place and sound SEO tactics that work.

Website Optimisation

These days its not just the keywords on your pages that need to be optimised. Your content needs to be useful, compelling and unique.  The structure of the pages is important they must contain the key elements to stand any chance of ranking for specific keywords. How the pages of your website link together (internal linking) is also extremely important.

We will optimise your site - this step alone will start to improve your site's performance on-line.

Link Building

Link building is one of the key tasks for any form of effective on-line promotion.  However, contrary to popular belief, it is not about the quantity of links pointing at your web pages. It is more about the quality of the links pointing to your web pages.

Creating quality links on relevant web pages is what it is all about.

We know what works and how to conduct effective link building campaigns that will boost your search engine rankings.

Competitor Analysis

You need to know your competitors on-line just as you do off-line. We can let you know :-

  • who your on-line competitors are
  • what they are doing on-line?
  • what keywords are driving traffic to their website?
  • are they doing any link building?
  • are their rankings improving?

We can also estimate how much work will be required to out perform them on-line.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

A good SEO will understand the importance of monitoring and reporting where things are and how well the SEO campaign is going. We are not just talking about those pretty ranking reports (but we can produce them). We are talking about in depth analysis of organic traffic to your site and how it is developing month on month. Which pages are getting the most organic pageviews and which are getting the most entrances. It is this sort of analysis/reporting that allows confidence to develop and decisions to be made as to how to refine the SEO strategy to achieve maximum results.

ongoing seo performance

Want To Improve Your Website's Performance?

If you need to get more out of your business website I can help. Proven track record of improving conversions from existing traffic and increasing traffic by improving your website's prominence on all the major search engines.

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