We Love WordPress – We Hate WordPress

WordPress is a great platform to build sites on. From an SEO perspective WordPress is one of the easiest ways to get some ‘rank worthy’ content out there.

However, like with anything else it takes more than just one thing to achieve success. In the same way that buying a classy car does not make you a good driver; using WordPress does not guarantee a good website. Before anyone comments WordPress isn’t classy but it can produce some classy sites!

But putting this to one side – Wordpress is our platform of choice for certain types of business site.

So what type of business would we use WordPress SEO For?

WordPress is ideally suited to service based businesses, charities or information sites. You can sell product through WordPress sites however in our experience there are other platforms that do a better job – Magento – Cscart to name just 2. Now we are attacking this from a SEO’s perspective (cos that is what we do!) and we are only considering sites for businesses – because that’s our game.

So within all the above parameters we would use WordPress seo for small businesses if the client definitely needed a new website.

What makes WordPress Good for SEO?

WordPress wins the ease of use game – hands down!

Most web hostings come with a WordPress installer – just a few clicks and all is set up in basic form ready for development.

Pick a good theme install a few chosen plugins, plan the structure and add the content. Easy!

One of WordPresses strengths is the abundance of themes. Many of the premium themes are easy to adapt. Once this is done you basically have the template for your website.

Structure is important to SEO and easy to implement in WordPress with the correct plugins and knowledge.

Internal linking is also a really important aspect of good SEO/website design. WordPress provides the facility to quickly add links.

We use plugins that allow us to remotely monitor the site, do the updates, schedule backups and add content. So we can keep it all running sweet for you.

If you want to find out more about our WordPress SEO expertise give us a call on 01767 654 878.