Web Performance in this context is how well your web presence actually does in terms of meeting its objectives. In most cases this is selling product or services.

It is a vitally important part of the whole equation that just gets ignored by many. Too often the focus is on getting more traffic (which is fine) but with a complete lack of understanding as to what that traffic is doing.

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Understanding and optimising your site’s web performance can ┬áprovide a massive boost in sales or customers. This can often be accomplished without any additional increase in traffic!!

There are three main elements to web performance namely:-

  • Usability – how well visitors navigate around your site and reach the product or service page.
  • Conversion – how well visitors convert (buy product) when they reach the product page.
  • Problem Solving – sorting out bottlenecks and barriers to navigation and conversion.

In principle and in isolation, each of these items is fairly easy to understand. In practice it can be very complex with users from different devices, with different objectives, landing on different pages with different personal preferences all contributing to the overall story.

We use Google Analytics as our tool of choice when trying to determine what is going on.