Website Maintenance PlansWebsite Maintenance Plans – Keep your website looking fresh.

It’s a sad fact that many businesses do not keep their websites up to date. There are always so many things that need doing now to keep the business running smoothly that website maintenance tends to get forgotten. And before you know it your site is looking old and full of out of date information. Once this happens it is hard for you to turn things around. That’s where we come in.

The trouble is that for many prospective clients your website is the first thing they see!!

We provide a cost effective solution to this. We offer fixed monthly website maintenance plans (from as little as £80/month) that will help to keep your website up to date. You just supply some basic instructions as to what you want and we modify your site to suit. We also use any spare time to perform basic SEO tasks on your site.

So not only do you end up with a site that is current, but you also start to get some useful traffic as well. And good traffic means more business – fact!

Typical Low Cost Website Maintenance Plans

  • Conduct website audit – provide bullet point plan
  • Agree priorities based on business objectives, SEO advantages and information availability.
  • Agree monthly fee.
  • Agree deliverables from both sides.
  • Provide us with website access.
  • You provide the information as per the agreed schedule.
  • We update the website to suit.
  • We report progress on a monthly basis.

This is the basic maintenance plan which is used to get things moving. If we don’t have the information (for what ever reason) then we fill in the time performing some SEO tasks.

We will often set up a blog and create posts from basic industry information or your provided information.

Really there is loads we can offer and as long we cover our costs then we are happy to be as flexible as possible.

You decide what you can afford to spend each month and we will allocate hours accordingly. All you have to do is then send us any updates that are required and we will get them done (within the allocated hours).

Most clients find this way of working to be most effective. We usually schedule monthly catch up calls to quickly review what we have done for you and what you require doing.

We also provide (free) SEO consultancy to all our monthly maintenance clients.

Why not give us a call to talk about how we can create website maintenance plans to give your business an online boost.