Web Usability is a much ignored subject - or to be more precise it is often mentioned but rarely given adequate thought. The reasons for this are many - but up there near the top is the simple fact that designers and website owners rarely look at their website through the eyes of their potential customer. This is a major stumbling block in the process as the ones designing the website and approving it are fully aware of where everything is by the time the site is signed off.



The reality is that new visitors view sites in a different way to site owners! There are many potential rants that I could spout at this time and indeed most of my clients will probably have heard my views on 'mega' menus and social media feeds on more than one occasion. 

The simple rule is that the further the visitor is down the path of discovery of your product or service the fewer options he (she) should be presented with to distract him from the path. For some reason though we often feel compelled to include a vast array of  menu items on every page irrespective of  where the page is in the grand scheme of things.

So what we find is that sometimes a visitor gets part way through the journey and either gives up or ends up back where they started because they clicked the wrong link.

These are the issues that we resolve with our Web Usability optimisation process. Many of our clients had no idea there was a problem until we started looking at the detail.

The advent of Mobile Sites has started a few debates about usability and reducing content to the bare minimum which is 180° from the desktop model where we have lots of redundant content. But in the end it all boils down to what it is that you want your visitor to do. If you are selling product you have a different requirement to if you are offering content for consumption.

We can analyse your site and visitor behaviour and identify where problems exist and work with your designer to fix them.

Of course Usability and Conversion and Problem Solving are all really closely related. So it is very rare to just look at one element without the others.

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